Leverage Night

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain, Author

Leverage Games Night

You’re invited to the next…


LEVERAGE Game Night…to play the Game of Business.


Come along and join our local business partners to play the sensational board game called LEVERAGE.


This educational board game has been developed through the practical application of ActionCOACH Business Coaching and Mentoring Systems. The more you play this game the more successful you’ll become at running your own business.


It’s a great way to learn powerful Business secrets. You’ll want to play it again and again!


Playing LEVERAGE will expose you to the fundamental steps to increase your profits and at the same time show you how to create a business that “works without you”.


The principles you’ll learn by playing this game will improve your chances for a lifetime of business success. It’ll alter your mind as to what’s truly possible. Isn’t it time you had an edge over your competition. 


You can also just observe; observers can volunteer as bankers, or auditors everyone learns!



It will be held at The Press Club, Umhlanga Rocks, on Friday the 28th June – 

Adults R120

Children under 12 R50

Supper is included.  Cash bar available. 

Bring your favorite calculator! Business is driven by numbers!


YES I want to PLAY LEVERAGE and further my business education

and learn how business should be…FUN!


Contact: Annelize on 031 942 4255 or durbannorth@actioncoach.com to book you seat today!


“Working with GOOD businesses that want to become GREAT businesses”


Help for your Business

Your host and game facilitator, Shirley Pearson, has undergone extensive training to become a licensed business coach for ActionCOACH and has successfully run a number of her own businesses. She will make sure you get the most out of this event. This is not a child’s board game; LEVERAGE is an introduction to the knowledge that can help get your business over that hump or out of the doldrums. It is packed with strategies and tactics that you can put to use the next day to improve the running of YOUR business.


A New Concept in Business Education

This is not simply a data dump as so many business seminars and lectures are. This is hands-on business learning that will involve you and other local business owners. We guarantee that you will learn new strategies that can be easily applied to enhance your business immediately. The dynamic created at this event is like no other. It will help you earn the income you deserve as a business owner…. and have some fun too!


Do You Want More Cash?

By applying the principles of LEVERAGE taught by the business coaches of ActionCOACH you will learn the 5 Steps to Super Profits that most business owners overlook. They aren’t taught this by their accountants and many business owners don’t realize they exist right in their own business!


Automate Your Business

Do you run your business or does the business run you?  The inventor of LEVERAGE and chairman of ActionCOACHBrad Sugars, became a Multi-Millionaire by the age of 28. The powerful secrets he used to create his wealth are all in LEVERAGE, ready for you to learn and apply to your business. You will see how to create a business defined by ActionCOACH as:


Profitable, Commercial, Enterprise

                       …That Works

                               …Without You


By applying ActionCOACH’s 4 Ways to LEVERAGE your Business you will learn how to use your new found knowledge to spend less time in your business and create a truly passive income instrument!


BE a Profitable Business Owner, DO the Big Deal, HAVE Passive Income


Come on along and join local Business Coach and game facilitator, Shirley Pearson, for a night of fun whilst getting tips and insights into taking your business from good to GREAT


This event has sold out in the past so you MUST REGISTER by contacting us! Phone Annelize on 031 942 4255 or send her an e-mail at durbannorth@actioncoach.com. Don’t miss out…


Because Being in Business… Should Give You More Life!”